I started going to Jo’s weekly Fitness at the Farm classes to help regain my motivation after an injury and some time out from exercising, and they’ve been a brilliant. I’ve never really been a fan of traditional gyms or the group classes that I’d tried before, but these sessions offer a really welcoming and supportive atmosphere – plus the location is beautiful too. 


Jo has been excellent. I went to her for on-going soft tissue treatment of an old injury that I could never shake. She made me feel at ease straight way with her professional, caring, evidence-based approach. The combination of manual therapy (massage/taping) and prescribed exercises was well balanced and helped me get back to doing the things enjoy. Thank you, Jo!


I need to keep my body fit and strong in order to perform my physically demanding job to the best of my ability.  Jo’s Fitness at the Farm classes are perfect for me. The sessions have a good balance of cardio and core.  Being able to exercise outside has great mental health benefits, but I need the motivation of an instructor to really push me. Jo’s amazingly positive attitude creates an encouraging and supportive environment in which to gain confidence and get fitter!


Jo has been fantastic – helping me recover full range of movement after a shoulder injury. Her knowledge and sheer enthusiasm for what she does, combined with the difference made through the treatment, mean I will definitely be back (no doubt when another skiing injury occurs!) – I’d highly recommend Sustainable Fitness.


I have had several injuries over the years through a myriad of different sports (cycling, football, rugby and rock climbing). Sustainable Fitness listened to my concerns and helped me workout a programme which would suit my recovery.